About Our Company
   Harper's Country Hams was founded in 1952 by Curtis Harper, my grandfather. He had grown up on the farm where our family had made country meats for generations. Curtis never set out to start a meat business but his hams were so good that all his friends and neighbors kept after him to sell them one or two every now and then. From those humble beginings we grew into a modern meat company with a wide range of products that are made the old fashion way; by hand like each ham was the only one we were making. Curtis passed away in 1995 and my father Gary in 2007. Today Harper's Hams is owned by my mother Dolores and myself. We have expanded from country hams and bacon to a large range of meat products such as BBQ, sausage, jowl, ham/sausage/steak and biscuits, jerky, and many more. Most products are also available fully cooked and ready to eat. We strive to make meals easy and convienient without losing any of the old fashion goodness. Our hams have been making breakfast, family gatherings and holidays special for many years. Now with our full range of country meats every meal can be made a memory. Harper's truly is "The Best in Country Meats.

Brian R. Harper
President - Harper's Country Hams

More about our company and founder Curtis Harper.

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